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renee fisher

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a chat with the owners

how did you two meet?
L: (smile) we met at church, in Athens, Tennessee — then, met for lunch and decided to go on a road trip. We learned really fast that we share a lot of common interests. We both like wine, cooking, flowers, cloth napkins, and table manners. We share a love for art and, of course, family and friends. It’s so much fun meeting people and discovering their talents.

R: Oh! We’re both nonstop thinkers! Sometimes, we think the same thing at the same time. People are so important to us, that’s why we both love that “touchy-feely” side of retail. When we joined forces, we brought our families along — white street market would not exist without them.  


when did you first get the idea for white street market?
R: It’s been “in my head” forever! I have notes that are at least 25 years old. 

L: I’ve spent my life taking care of my family — I’m very grateful for that. Now seemed like the time for me to do something that I’ve always wanted to do. The building we now occupy became available, so we seized the moment. 

why here in Athens and why now?
L: Well — it was just time! We always wanted to support the growth of our downtown. We wanted to help change “there’s nothing in our downtown” to “we’ve got a place to shop local everyday.” This is also a destination for learning and interaction for the community — it’s about encouraging people to support each other.  

Having enjoyed retail work over 40 years ago, it has always interested me. My involvement with Southeast Tennessee Tourism association and Main Street have given me the opportunity to get excited about promoting downtown Athens.

R: It’s about the people. We love people — meeting new friends, connecting with old ones. We enjoy connecting people through their interests, their talents, their skills. It’s a great way to make friends and give back. 

it’s pretty obvious where you got your inspiration for the name, right?
R: Absolutely. Location says it all. It tells you where you are, literally! In a market — on White Street!

and what about the overall look? what can you tell us?
R: We just did “our thing.” This building allowed us to create a “living, breathing” space downtown. There’s lots of wood and metal because they’re part of who we are. 

L: My husband is a very talented wood worker and Renée’s dad and brother are very talented metal workers — their talents and willingness to help, brought our vision of white street market to life. 

so, what can we expect to see inside white street market?

L: A little bit of everything. It’s so much fun for us to keep it interesting for our customers. We want to keep it authentic and exciting so customers will always feel an element of surprise. We want people to come back often to see what’s new. We offer local art because we believe in our local artists and want to support them. We wanted a place that offered lots of things and brands that aren’t available in our small town. We offer brands that we’ve loved for many years and new brands that we’ve just discovered. 

R: Almost all of our brands have a family story or a story of giving back and supporting artisans. We’re also a bead shop! Making jewelry is so much fun and good for the brain. There’s also a makeup studio — don’t we all feel more confident with a little concealer? AND — interior design services are available too. Call us and set up an appointment!